Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why Poofygoo (Вхатевэ)

A few weeks ago, I was at a women's climbing clinic. The weekend turned out to be a bust, but I did pick up one useful peice of information: "poofygoo"- my own orthographic interpretation- is Russian for "whatever". Now, I realize the "whatever" revolution took place back in the nineties- I still have visions of Jenni Cross flashing her thumbs and forefingers into a "W" and turning her head away from me whenever I had anything to say. But the phrase remains useful in a myriad of situations- for example, these two: what to say to your ex when he's standing in your front hall, telling you you're a bad person; what to say when you've shelled out a hundred bucks for a climbing weekend that turns out to be a waste of time and money.

Of course, there are situations in which a simple "whatevs" simply will not suffice: When someone tries to convince you of the inheret genius of Pat Buchanen, serves you homemade paprika ice cream, or throws dirty, wet underwear in your face (all of which have happened to me recently). Here was the main downfall of the "Whatever" revolution. While I was busy rolling my eyes, my peers were learning. Now, whenever someone brings up the ramifications of the teleological turn in contemporary liberal political philosophy, all I can respond with is "um, whatever, I'm an atheist, isn't that enough?"


Blogger The Bird said...

First of all, the only correct response to getting hit with wet underwear is a swift, cathartic kick to the rear (or the balls, should the opportunity present itself).

Second of all, the only thing better than singing the praises of Mr. Buchanan is doing so over a rich, delicious bowl of paprika ice cream. If you think otherwise, I think you are a facist.

Third of all, is two examples really a myriad (etemologically derived from the cardinal for 10000?)? I feel like even three would have been better...

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