Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Brain Farts: Better than Cat Farts

I woke up this morning to a stench. A foul, foul stench. Kitty farted under the covers. In winter, he gets very snuggly and wants to be let under the covers to spoon. Usually he gets very purr-y and then upset when I finally have to get out of bed. This morning, though, was rank. I think it was deliberate- I think he wanted the bed all to himself. It certainly got me moving this morning.

My most difficult tasks today- other than hanging my head in shame over the trouncing I took in last night's Risk game (seriously, never start a land war in Asia)- are deciding how to spend my very generous Christmas bonus and getting a root canal. When people find out you're having one, they either feel the need to share their horror stories or tell you how bad they've heard they get. Props go out to The Object of My Affections, who shrugged it off, saying, "My mom had one; she said it wasn't so bad." Just in case, I've got a prescription that makes me feel better just by its space-age sounding name.

From DC Candy- DC food terms:
Crapas: (n) gross food served on an ickle little plate
Ickymaki: (n) frightening sushi offering- I would like to expand this to all sushi, as it's gross
Seitan Worshiper/Soy Capitan: (n) one who substitutes soy for normal foods


Blogger The Bird said...

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11:53 AM  
Blogger The Bird said...

I believe what your cat bestowed upon you is known as the Dutch Oven. An old trick of frequent bed partners whereby upon release of flatulence, the bedclothes are forcibly pulled over the other's head, for a fuller, more deliberate experience. Sounds like you got the gentler kitty version, though surely just as intense. I hear that Coco Chanel used to get quite a giggle out of this gag!

11:56 AM  
Blogger jason_uk said...

I prefer Cat-farts myself..
having discovered that a brain-fart can dislodge one from an otherwise secure stance several feet/yards abouve the last bolt i now go with cat-farts everytime...
p.s. why do i have to have a blog to comment on yours... no fair...

12:11 PM  
Blogger Ness said...

Oh Julius. How I miss your lovely owner. No more dutch ovens. Bad kitty. Bad. Ow - stop that. Ok ok.. good smelly kitty, good smelly kitty.

4:43 PM  
Blogger rock_ninja said...

Hey, I didn't delete anyone's comments! Do they mean the author of the comment? Crazy.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Ness said...

By the way, Mikl had several root canals and said they were all fine. He could eat straight away, it wasn't a big deal, so no stress.

5:09 PM  

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