Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ultimate Power= Concert Tickets

So I know that I've been whining about how the Neon Bible is a hugantic and completely unshocking disappointment- I didn't expect them to devolve! But last time the Arcade Fire came to town, I had to work late back at the old job where I spent my days yelling at kids, "You be quiet when I'm talking to Her Majesty about the edits!"

So I vowed not to miss out this time.

And oh yes, I have my tickets. I believe they are in the middle of Row JJ. So the only way I'll be able to actually hear the concert is if I bring along a little portable radio and listen to the All Songs Considered webcast (though that kinda already happened, didn't it). So fuck you, Craigslist scalpers- I spent my saturday morning flagging your douchebaggery with abandon. Muahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Whoa, ultimate power DOES corrupt.


Anonymous Chris Chan said...

This just goes to show you how little I know about the contemporary music scene. Until I did some Googling, I thought that when you mentioned "The Neon Bible," you meant the novel by John Kennedy Toole, author of "A Confederacy of Dunces."

12:32 AM  

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