Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just When I Was Starting to Think She Was My Imaginary Best Friend

I'm going to be Spasmo McMorgan for a sec here, just go with it.


My SuperIncrediblyBFF is in town for three hours and I'm gonna get to see her and I haven't gotten to see her since she went and oved to that "India" place, and now she's back and here in DC for three hours and then she's gonna move to New York City and she doesn't realize it yet but she'll move to Bushwick or somewhere awesome and all I'll have to do is take the Chinatown bus and then go see her and then I'll be able to go see all those shows like Peter, Bjorn, and John and we can hang out and call the "delivery" men who come to your door and then Keshav will move back to the U.S. and we can party and make some paneer and ohmigod it'll be so much fun until I convince the Object to move to Costa Rica and then we'll move and that'll be sad until I get Ani and Keshav to move to Costa Rica, too, and everyone will surf and eat Salsa Lizano!

It's all coming together.

Oh, and it's her birthday! Let us pause a moment and reflect on how fabulously delicious the world is just by virtue of her being in it.


Check it: Here's a picture of the Persian goddess, Anahita.

You'll notice that you can totally see her boob. Sweet, huh? Well, check this picture of the Persian goddess Anahita- in Adams Morgan.

Again with the sweet boobs. And you know that's what the statue is there for!

This picture was taken pre-India, and may no longer reflect what she actually looks like. You never know, she may have turned blue and grown some arms. She is a goddess, after all.

It's been another hectic week, what with the FW Thomas-ing, the Maine Mom in towning, the JackPep in towning, the finding out of the extent of fucked-uppedness-ing of my hip and whatnot. If you stay tuned, I promise to give you my review of the Midlake concert (awesome), the story of my first heartbreak (tragic), and the Object's stand against Valentine's day (in which I am an unwitting pawn).


Anonymous Chris Chan said...

Wish her happy birthday for me, will you please?

3:43 PM  

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