Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jeff Goldberg Sheepishly Admits To Being Antichrist

When you rearrange the letters of the word "pogrom", you almost get "program", as in, get with the program, Jeffery Goldberg. You're male, alive, and Jewish, ergo, you are the Antichrist.

"I've always been possessed by the delusional notion that I am to play a major role in world history, so why not a role in the End of Days?"

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who will admit this in writing. For a brief moment, when I saw this article and despite the fact that I only fulfill the "alive" criterion, I thought being the Antichrist would be a really easy way to achieve that. But then I remembered that the Antichrist would bring about the apocalypse, and no one would even be around to read about me in the history books.

Sigh, back to the delusions of grandeur drawing board.


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