Thursday, June 07, 2007

A New Low-go

That's the logo for the 2012 Olympics in London. Apparently, the pink and yellow blocky things are not a tangram gone retarded. I'm told it's the numbers 2, 0, 1, and 2, and that it cost $800,000 to make. Naturally, Britons are pissed off: "Lutz noted that the organizers say the new logo represents 'the Olympic spirit and the ability of the Games to inspire people to take part.' But, he said, 'others would say that it represents the multicolored vomit sprayed across the capital's pavements at 3 a.m. on your average Sunday morning.' "

I'm not sure which is my favorite story that's arisen from this whole logo brouhaha. There's the one where London officials adamantly stand by their decision, invoking the logo's ostensible appeal to youth. The youth reaction? "It certainly doesn't appeal to children, I mean I'm 16 and dislike it, my brother is 10 and thinks it's plain." To be fair, youthful is awfully close to juvenile, as in, drawn by a seven month old monkey riding the short bus.

I loved hearing the news that the logo not only will cause you an epileptic seizure that the Pokemon would envy, but also a big fucking headache- literally and metaphorically (check out the sweet reader logos in that last article; I particularly like the Sex Pistols themed logo).

But by far, my favorite story is how this has become a moment to revel in one's sense of patriotic pride- at least if you're Chinese. "Meanwhile, the Chinese are pleased that at least most of them support their own culture-loaded stamp to represent the image for the nation's debut Olympic experience." I'm sure it's a much welcome respite from the international fervor surrounding the Chinese panda murder controversy. One particularly thoughtful Chinese compatriot slammed the logo with the most damning criticism of all, "I don't really like it because it's too electronic looking," Zhang said. "It looks like it was designed by the French or Americans."

I couldn't agree more; I've so often found myself wondering when we Americans will be released from under the oppressive thumb of electronic French design.


Anonymous Chris Chan said...

Remember the Atlanta Olympics, when they created a mascot which looked like a cross between a California Raisin and a Smurf, and it received so many complaints that it was yanked in the middle of the Games? They did a fake documentary towards the end of the games on "The Case of the Missing Mascot." Was the hated mascot kidnapped? Was he depressed by all of the negativity and committed suicide? Did anybody care?

Do you remember the "Simpsons" episode where Springfield wants to host the Olympics, and Homer creates the mascot Springy the Springfield Spring? After Bart ruins everyone's chances at Olympic glory, Homer flushes the thousands of springs he bought down the toilet and winds up saving everyone in the retirement home. Good episode.

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Anonymous Chris Chan said...

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Blogger Ness said...

The Atlanta Spring thing was more lamo i think, but hell, at least they went to some effort. Clearly those Londeners are terrified of offending anyone - although also clearly they forgot that some people don't actually like pink. And people wonder why i get shitty when American's think I'm from England...

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