Thursday, February 21, 2008

NasaNAVY: 1, Spy Satellite: 0

Dammit, I had fifty bucks riding on the spy satellite.

I have a few questions about this whole brouhaha. The ostensible reason for blowing up the satellite was because if it actually fell to Earth, it would release all kinds of toxic gases, right? But how does blowing it up prevent those toxic gases from being released? Wouldn't it ignite them or help their release? I mean, I'm no scientist, but if gas just kind of disappeared, global warming wouldn't really be a problem, would it? Maybe that's the logic of those who still scoff with the idea that greenhouse gases are no big whoop. That no one really seems to mind the idea that the toxic waste can sleep with the fishies in the Pacific Ocean makes me feel a lot worse that I forgot to buy kitty his kibbles and gave him canned salmon instead.

Speaking of fishy, the whole satellite thing just kind of stinks. No, I'm not one of the homeland security conspiracy theorists who think there were national secrets that would have fallen into the hands of our enemies; I can't even keep track of who our enemies are anymore. I'm just a girl with very mixed feelings on the whole thing.

On the one hand, there's the pricetag attached to the whole business. We're shelling out 10 BILLION dollars a year for a system that seems to be riding a heavy payload to Nowheresville, but I still have to walk every day through a gauntlet of some very hungry looking homeless people. I don't like to walk down dark alleys in DC for fear that I'll be invited to an impromptu urban Donner party. Can we maybe just get $500 bucks out of those billions and hand out some jerky or something?

But on the other hand, I completely fucking love am cool with the idea of blowing things up for no reason other than the fact that we can. And if we can, it stands to reason that we should. Isn't that the Pentagon's mission statement?

But I still can't shake this uneasy feeling I have.


I saw the eclipse last night, and it got me to thinking - how have we dumped ten billion dollars into this program but we still have not blown up the moon? That seems like an egregious violation of the American Way of Life.


Blogger Philosophic Bard said...

abso-friggin-lutely!!!! DOWN WITH THE MOON!!!

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