Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Go! Let's Go!

The Kennedy Center is featuring a cross-cultural exchange in its Culture + Hyperculture: Japan! Festival. So what's hyperculture? Well, given last night's concert featuring Japanese trio YMCK playing 8-bit instruments (think your original NES) on the Millennium Stage, it's like having a seizure. In a good way.


Blogger Philosophic Bard said...

Wow! Like having a seizure - in a good way. That's one of the most interesting descriptions I've ever heard. I'll admit: the thought of 8-bit music didn't entice me. I probably wouldn't have listened to them with just that description, but WHAM!!! "It's like having a seizure. In a good way." HOW CAN I SAY NO?! Anyway, I'm glad I gave them a listen. Pretty sweet, really. I almost swallowed my own tongue!

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