Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Jingles Jingles Jingles!!!

By far the most popular post of all time here at the Goo was when we looked into why the hell you can't get awesome Salerno Jingles anymore. For those of you who had a deprived childhood, Jingles are the all-time greatest Christmas cookie - little anise-flavored cookies fun for the whole family to fight over. Apparently there are a lot of people with the same happy childhood memories I have, but it's really, really hard to find them. I still haven't found any in DC. Keebler bought the company and changed the recipe into inferior little cookies that have been declared the focal point on the War Against Christmas.

A reporter is looking for someone in Chicago who can speak about their search. She writes (don't ask me why I'm assuming she's a she):

I'm a reporter writing a story about Jingles, er, Santa's Favorites as they're called now. Would anyone here who's a fan of the original recipe cookies be willing to talk to me for the story and be photographed (in Chicago) this week for the story? If so, please email me directly today at

Normally, we would hop right on a plane and be willing to help out save for the fact that we've spent enough time on planes recently to have gone through the entire Lufthansa movie and TV catalog (not kidding). So if you're in Chicago, get in touch with her ASAP so we can get Jingles! Just in case you need further incentive, she also writes, "BTW, for those not living in Chicago, I'll be sharing details on where to get them."

Maybe we can have a real Christmas!


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