Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ASH Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

As most of you know, The American Society of Hematology (my employer, a.k.a. ASH)'s Annual Meeting was last week. Originally, the meeting was in New Orleans, but due to circumstances, we had to move the meeting to Atlanta, where it was hugely successful. Although the meeting is over, we're still continuing our efforts to help rebuild New Orleans. The plan has three components, which I'm cribbing from our website:

*The three New Orleans medical institutions with hematology/oncology training programs: Tulane University, the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, and the Ochsner Clinic Foundation

*The Louisiana State Medical Society’s Hurricane Katrina Physician Relief Fund, which will help physicians re-establish their practices and begin to provide needed medical care to residents returning to the affected area

*The New Orleans Convention & Visitors’ Bureau Employee Relief Fund and the New Orleans Tourism Workers Relief Fund, which together represent more than 80,000 hospitality workers

It's a very important cause, and if you donate now, ASH match your contribution up to $100,000... woohoo! Free money- sort of.

In any case, Butterstick already donated. Twice. So follow in his example, go to http://www.hematology.org/relief/donate.cfm


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