Monday, March 06, 2006

Not Cool Enough to be the AntiChrist

As Butterstick gets older and a priori, less adorable, we must compensate by putting more adorability into the world. One man wants to thwart these efforts, singlehandedly.

That man is Scott Stapp.

To see what kind of person he is, check out the DCist review of his recent tour stop in DC. While I think Stapp wants you to see his stage antics as the gravitas of a passionate and thoughtful Christian, I think he looks pretty sweaty and snivelly.

I have to say, I'm disappointed that the porn (someone in hell won a lot of money for grossing out a lot of people) recently released of Kid Rock and Scott Stapp wasn't actually of KR and Stapp together. Not because it's something I'd want to see, but because it's something that would not only be way out of their spectrum of predicatability, and it would totally alienate their entire (albeit ever-dwindling) fan bases. And that would make me laugh.

No, apparently, Stapp is into girls, which is why he made his sister drive him several hours for a random hook up . The best part? It was at Denny's.

Seriously, this guy is so base that he's the antiStick. All the cute buttery goodness that little panda has brought into this crazy world of ours has been undone by Scott Stapp. Why can't we give him to China?


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