Thursday, August 24, 2006

Michael Kors, You're On Notice

So last night, I donned my skimpy black dress (some people wear jerseys to the game, I wear my designer dresses to watch Project Runway), and sat down to the MOST DISAPPOINTING EPISODE EVER.

Even Tim Gunn is unhappy. "Vincent wins (note absence of exclamation point). Huh? I didn’t get it and it certainly wasn’t my taste. Congratulations Vincent, whatever you are."

Wait, as a society, we institutionalize crazies. We don't reward them!

If I had photoshop, I would make a funny picture showing how Michael Kors is freakishly like his mother, and the relate it to Norman Bates in Psycho. But I don't have photoshop. It's a problem. Does anyone know how I could convince my org that our international oureach program needs photoshop? Hematologists in developing countries need funny pictures like the Vanity Fair Morphulation of Michael Chertoff!

Oh, and note to Jeffrey: designing a burqua is soooo four years ago. Like when the Taliban ruled.


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