Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So Cranky!

I am very, very grumpy today (see previous post). Also, I was at a seminar for the last two days, and thusly away from the internetly tubes for two whole days. It was awful. In any case, I would like to clear up a few things, and in return, perhaps you can clear up a few things for me.

I used to think that my Father's decision
(which was met with much familial derision)
To give out presents on Epiphany
(So that Christmas stayed Jesus-y)
Was meaningful and deep.
But upon further reflection,
He may have just been cheap.

Moving on.
  • If Colin Meloy wants some "fan interaction," I can definitely help out with that. But I refuse to enter this contest on the grounds that A. I don't think a Stick-Figure Caliban T-Shirt is really going to win and B. the judges include a "Decemberists Rep"????? If I'm making a t-shirt for the band, I will not settle for anything less than Jenny Conlee judging my work.
  • Reactionary means conservative, opposed to progress, wanting to return to a previous era. So calling Neil Young a reactionary is just sheer nitwittery. ITunes staffer who wrote the review for Living with War, I am talking to you.
Now, can someone please help me understand the following:


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