Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Eat Red Froot Loops for Breakfast

I'm generally a huge fan of the Organic Consumers Association, cuz they spend their days making sure that the term "organic" actually means something more than your pocketbook getting anally raped by Safeway.

But I have to take issue with what they popped into the inbox today:

A recent study by the Prevention Institute found that the majority of products with images of fruit on their labels actually contain little or no fruit at all. The study assessed 37 heavily marketed "fruit" products and found that 51% had absolutely no fruit and another 16% had minimal amounts of fruit (less than 10%). Products that ranked among the worst in the study included Smuckers Jam, Fruit Rollups and Froot Loops.

I'm pretty sure Froot Loops are made from 100% Froot- a delicious pastiche of rainbows, smiles, high-fructose corn syrup, and the ground-up beaks of endangered toucans. But that's an entirely different e-mail campaign, isn't it?


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