Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wasn't This An Episode of The Simpsons?

Oh, I'm so sad! I just found out via alert Poofygoer Chris that "With a squeeze of its fuzzy belly, the Sesame Street character [Elmo] now says, in a sing-song voice, 'Kill James.' "

How many people would I have loved to give this as a Christmas pressie to? I mean, clearly it's having a positive impact on kids: " "This is his absolute favorite toy,' [the mother who reported the toy] said. 'So we've been going through a lot of hassle because he's trying to climb up the counter and up the closets to get it.' "

Or better yet, the perfect Valentine! How better to represent your love than with something soft, fuzzy, red, and completely messed up? Le sigh, l'amour!

It may be too late for me, but I'm betting that guy who sent every single resident of Racine, WI a plastic dead baby fetus could definitely get some mileage out of these.


Blogger Matt Eckel said...

Did that teletubby just say "hurt everyone"?

1:17 PM  

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