Monday, February 04, 2008

Winter in the City

One might be tempted to think spring is here, what with the joyous goings-on in the neighborhood. In the span of just a few short hours, I experienced:
  • Latinos con Obama parade going up the street
  • Latinos con Obama parade going back down the street, having picked up a Chicano band along the way
  • Impromptu Hare Krishna parade, complete with gong
  • Major traffic jam, the source of which involved a teenager and an official from the DC Department of Transportation who had parked in the middle of Columbia Road. I presume the dispute was over the content of the youngster's t-shirt, which featured a yellow road sign announcing "I stop for pimps"; telling "Gs" to kindly step left and "Hos"to kindly veer to the right. I'd always been under the impression that gs were to step down, whereas hos were to step up, and I'm sure the DDOT administrator was working feverishly to correct the mistake.
When I saw Li'l Robin Redbreast on a Sunday afternoon jaunt to take full advantage of the fifty+ degree weather, I was sure that fall (which I kinda skipped to begin with) had skipped winter completely and gone on directly to spring. But then Li'l Robin Redbreast took a not so li'l shit all over the place and promptly flew off, leaving me feeling a little less certain about the future of spring.


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