Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bringing Home the Bacon

A bureaucratic paperwork mistake reportedly has lawmakers and the White House scrambling to sort out Wednesday's presidential veto of the $290 billion farm bill and subsequent override by the House.
House Agriculture Committee leaders said a clerical error omitted the 35-page trade title from the copy of the bill sent to the White House. Congress is required to provide exact copies of its bills for the president to approve or veto.
What do you want to bet that to make up for such clerical whoops-be-doobies, the next iteration of the farm bill sneaks in a $376 million dollar appropriation to import, train, and certify a cadre of copy specialists from Iowa and Kansas?

Do you think the people working on the House Agriculture Committee ever refer to their work as pork farming?

On the bright side, there's now one job loss that can't be blamed on the economy.


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