Friday, May 09, 2008

Five Bucks Buys Plenty of Pepto Bismol

People think I'm a bad person for playing my favorite weekend game, but if they only knew, they'd play too. I like to call it Judgey Judgey. It involves going up to 18th street in a relatively sober state to watch the drunken donkeys and Britneys that make Adams Morgan a giant frat party on the weekend. While close-toed shoes are a must (lest you get puked on), it's more life-affirming than anything on t.v. Including the Oprah channel.

Apparently, someone else in the neighborhood is willing to admit she plays, and she's got a pretty damn accurate account of the way things work - albeit, she forgot to chronicle the stoners in the Amsterdam Falafel shop, which is an 18th St. institution. A word of caution to my new neighbor - sooner or later, everyone has their turn on the other side of the cameraphone. You just never know when someone's going to bet you five bucks that you can't eat two Jumbo Slices, and that's a bet you can't pass up.


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