Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Salud Sagrado

I'm here in Peru for three weeks; two for site visits at hospitals around the country and one for traipsing around the Sacred Valley with the Object of My Affection.

Oddly enough for having its major tourist attraction be a giant animist temple to worship the sun, Peru is a devoutly Catholic country. Nary an exposed shoulder can be seen, much less toes. I'm not sure if that's out of a modesty or that it's ostensibly winter here.

Other signs of the Church are all over, especially in the hospitals we've visited. Shrines lit up with votive candles make pushing a gurney through the hallways a taxing feat. Christ on the cross smiles down over every sick bed, reminding patients, "Hey, it could be worse; you could be up here right now!" Holy cards line cabinets in the laboratories, quite literally gracing the work of scientists.

Saint Charlton watches over coagulation:

I'm not sure which saint this paragon of virtue is, though -- perhaps one of the hloy people watching over the holy women of Christian Nymphos?


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