Thursday, March 30, 2006

Liveblogging the Most Boring Day Ever

Well, after my little bout with meat last weekend, my whole body was thrown into a tizzying state of ketosis. Yeehaw. In any case, I'm back at home, recuperating, and I'm so bored. So I though I'd help all of you out there in the working world appreciate the working world a little bit more by liveblogging the boring afternoon from my couch.

13:44- Mysterious Ambiguously Aged Asian Female Roommate vetoes watching the same episode of The Cosby Show that we just watched. I punish her by putting on French in Action, a high school French for English speakers program. Le Muahahahaha!

13:46- After the cats bail on me, I realize I'm only punishing myself with French in Action.

13:48- Marcel a tombe, which means he fell. The kitties come back in the room to laugh at him, and promptly leave again.

BREAK: Cup number four of tepid tea is done steeping.

13:50- A British woman on CNN tells me I can pay $325 to find out how many eggs I have left in reserves. I'm not quite sure why they're telling me that this is the biggest advancement since the pill, since it will "tell me when my biological clock is about to stop" Won't menopause take care of that? And why are they targeting this segment to women in their late twenties/early thirties?

13:54- Kat vetoes FoxNews, which has live coverage of National Sleep Awareness Week. I'm pissed, sice this is the awareness week I'm most up-to-date on. I decide to protest by napping.

14:04- Kat and I decide on Animal Planet, which neither of us really likes, but we like to make fun of. The kitties are rapt with attention.

14:05-More napping.

15:41- Nap time is over, and suddenly The Simple Life is on. Wait, we can watch Paris and Nicole, but not FoxNews?

15:47- If I stay tuned long enough to this channel, I can watch Ryan Seacrest do whatever it is that Ryan Seacrest does (does anyone actually know?). I will be tuning in elsewhere.

15:53- Break to get a blanket and wool socks... want the window open, but still have a little fever. Awwwwwww.

16:04 Top Chef is on... It makes me sooooo hungry. After yesterday's success with jam and triscuits, it could be time to step up to salad. Yeah!

16:17- My salad is soooooooooo tasty. I'm still hungry. There may be a need for a Triscuit run.

16:43- Still haven't gotten my head to stop hurting enough to make the Triscuit run. Plus, if I leave now, I won't know who wins this episode of Top Chef. Because we all know that Bravo only airs shows twice, maybe thrice daily.

16:47- Back to napping.

The lesson here kids is not to get sick, ever. It's boring and it hurts your head. And also, liveblogging is fun for no one. NO ONE!


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