Monday, March 20, 2006

That's Why It's Going to Snow Tomorrow

Happy Spring!

Here in Poofygoo, we love spring. Unabashedly. That's why I wore my gauzy pink (yes, I own exactly THREE pink items of clothing) spring skirt. The problem is that it's forty-five degrees and windy out. For the record, in DC it's been in the mid-fifties to sixties and sunny for the past few weeks. Now that spring is here, it's finally cold.

cause and effect + Murphy's law= cold legs.

Two happy spring things:

Cherry Blossoms are coming! The peak bloom time will actually take place during the festival.

In Iran, Nowruz starts at spring. It's nice to see a picture of Iranians wherein the caption includes "revelers" instead of "rebels" or "you're next, fuckers- right after we figure out this Iraq thing."


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