Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does Anyone Else Find It Suspiscious That WWF Has A PANDA For A Mascot?

I would love to get audio that makes the breaking-news morse code sound for important news stories.


Guess what? The United States is NOT the problem when it comes to global warming. It's those Aussie fuckers!

"Australia and the United States have refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol...But that refusal meant Australia used more energy, food, timber and land per person than any of its regional neighbors, including New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand, WWF's Living Planet Report 2006 said."

I like my stories to come with maps. Here is one of Australia and its neighbors:

God, how can those insensitive asshole in Aus consume more than, say Kiribati? Or Vanuatu? It's just poor form.

It's not just pollution, either. Aus definitely emits way more than its fair share of cuteness:

Fat Sleepy Koalas:

Fuzzy Curious Joeys:

Mutant Swimmer Boys Who Pleasingly Look Not Unlike The Object of My Affection:

Hot Bikini Babes Being Massaged By, Um, Australian Moose:

That's pretty damning evidence. I'm with WWF on this one. Australia, j'accuse!


Blogger jason_uk said...

i love your sense of irony...
yes the aussies are in second place as planet f***rs.. coming a close second to the lovely US of A
with the UK ( a key pusher and pretender of greenliness comning a close third)
did you read the bit about how many planets we were going to need by 2050? I was most entertained at how f***D we are...

6:23 PM  

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