Friday, October 27, 2006

The Goo Report

Yes, it's tragic, but can you just imagine the Monday morning phone call into work? "Ummm, I'm not coming in today. Yeah, beer keg shrapnel. Killer party, seriously. No, seriously killer party."

Fight, fight, fight! Who can blame the principals for wanting to get in on the action; if I recall high school properly, the fight is the most exciting hallway activity in the hallowed halls of academe.

Look at it this way; Sexsomniacs">it's better than having him fall asleep on top afterwards...

Vampivirish fashion!!!!.

Too bad the sex offenders can't have said vampivirish fashion.

Green weapons: because in the apocalypse you'll want, um, fewer radioactive emissions?

You don't hear anyone bitching about activist judiciary when it comes to circumcision...

I feel like every week in the Goo Report we have a new and better story from Aus. This week is no exception.

More babies in vending machines: Why does this always seem to happen in the midwest?


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