Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm up to my summer-weight scarfed neck in post-vacation detritus. I'll be back to some level of coherence soon; I'm nowhere near done telling you about the wonders of Montreal. I'd imagine the post-vacation glow will probably keep going all week.

By the way, I haven't listened to the news since July 6th. I'm a little confused; we're having some kind of summit on peace but terrorism threats are at an all-time high? And what does Lady Bird Johnson have to do with all of this? Has she joined league with Al Qaeda and/or Last Comic Standing?

And as long as I'm being confused, I had to wait on the runway at JFK for almost three hours the other day while every conceivable flight got to cut in front of us, since those flights were ostensibly more important than our shuttle to DC. I stopped counting after Uzbekistan Airways budged in front of us. I hate to be the arrogant American, but after three hours, which was already two hours delayed from the original flight time, I had to wonder if global hegemony means nothing anymore? I mean, why bother waging a war if you're still gonna have to wait in line on the runway?


Anonymous Chris Chan said...

At least the airplane toilet didn't overflow like it did on that one flight a few weeks ago. It could have been much, much worse.

3:41 PM  

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