Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"I'm an Imam; It's Like a Rabbi or a Priest, Only Browner"

There's a Canadian t.v. show called Little Mosque on the Prairie. You go ahead and watch this first episode (in four parts; if you are patient with the commercials, you will be rewarded with a Lakota elder in full-ish looking regalia hawking an aspercreme-type ointment), and try not to laugh too hard; you'll make your boss suspicious. I'm going to decide if I should a. go take a walking tour of Mont-Royal, the 760 ft. "mountain" in the heart of Montreal, b. listen to Ness' lecture about physisemistry of diffractometeral neutral functionoids (yeah, don't try and google that), or c. spend the day riding around the metro ogling the cute Montreal boys who look not unlike they just stepped out of a Mac ad.


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