Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't Worry, I'm Not the Only Source for Interweb Goodness

At the doctor's office yesterday, she diagnosed strep throat and told me to stay home from work and out of the general public until I had been on the antibiotic for two days. I asked for a note to take to work, since it looks awfully suspicious to call in the Friday before Labor Day with a magic case of sore throat. She wrote the note, saying that it was her recommendation that i stay home Friday and Tuesday.

"Why Tuesday?" I asked.

"It's a holiday weekend." She replied breezily.

Who knew contagions got weekends off? Maybe they get health insurance and other benefits too, which is why they're becoming so much stronger. Or maybe they're just commies. Who knows?

Anyhoo, I realize it's been a shitty blogging week and I haven't brought you much of the Great Insight About the World that I usually do. If it makes you feel better, for the first time since I was 17, i will be staying in town for Labor Day weekend. I'm very curious to see if the city turns blue or something; it's a whole new world for me. And as an even better consolation prize, I offer you The Best Page in the Universe, chock full of hilarity to get you through the Longest Friday of the Year.

Shout out to the Capital Insider for the tip, even though I'm mad, cuz he has our Super Mario Kart kartridge and I'm stuck doing boring things like reading and watching Judge Judy in my convalescence, and also his fiancee has my awesome wine key. Neither of them probably realize this, though.


Blogger 3pennyjane said...

Aw, sick in gorgeous weather is double the sadness. To the Netted Flix, mi gente!

4:21 PM  
Blogger The Goo said...

The good news is that my current Flick of the Net is Seven Samurai . That's kept me entertained for a few days now. I kinda wish I had Dr. Zhivago, though.

4:56 PM  
Blogger 3pennyjane said...

Toshiro Mifune and whatsisface, the old guy, are the cure for 90% of what ails me. If you get a chance, "Ikiru" is wonderful. I was astonished; I knew exactly what Kurosawa was doing in each scene, and I still ended up sobbing. Lovely lovely work. Less ass-kicking in it than in 7S, though, so it's a tradeoff.

11:42 AM  

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