Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cannibal Cage Match- Make It Happen

Where were you last night? Did you get to see Jaime Moreno score his 109th goalazon, making him the all-time highest scorer in MLS history? Eat your heart out Barry Bonds, the Black and Red always prevails.

I realized two things while watching the game:
  1. If only my Dad had been a soccer fan, he could have found a way to look cool wearing black socks hiked up to his knees. I guess he would have had to trade in his sparking white canvas Chuck Taylors for some cleats, though.
  2. I would give an tidy sum of money to see Talon, the DCU mascot in a half-time cage match with the Pollo Campero, the cannibal chicken mascot of the Guatemalan Chicken chain. Quick question: which gives you the bigger huzz: seeing pigeons and sparrows haul chicken bones out of the trash, or seeing the Pollo Campero "Please-Enjoy-The-Flesh-of-My-Fallen-Brethren" marketing?


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