Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please Note That Ann Coulter and Eva Herman Are Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed Nutters

So the Ann Coulter of Germany is in a flap because she's pissed off that the hippies killed good ol' fashioned family values, which were espoused by the Nazis, natch. Her argument is disturbingly short-sighted, not because of the whole Nazi thing, but because she has been blinded as to the true nature of Adolf Hitler:
Family values my ass. A whole lot of suffering and about six million Jewish, Romansch, homosexual, American Indian friends and families probably could have been saved if only Robert Smith and Ian Curtis had been born a few decades earlier.

Besides, if you're talking family values, Russia has the way forward: giving couples the day off for well, coupling, and giving people who have a baby 9 months from that day a prize! I'm a little tempted to leave work today; I know I'm ardently against having my own kids, but that was before a prize was involved. I want to win! And in a perfect world, the prize would be $10,000, a baby-sitter, and a guide to the perfect day perusing New York bookstores. I would even take the money and just go sit in Books of Wonder, the greatest place on earth.

Is it perverse not to want children but to want to own a children's bookstore?

And while we're on the subject, this is the best explanation of why every female between the age of 13-63 should have Plan B sitting in their cupboard.


Blogger wordwitch said...

I hear ya about the kids, and totally agree with Plan B. Luckily, my hubby gave me a fantastic gift of a vasectomy for our first anniversary. Here's my take on the kid thing...


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