Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You Didn't Even Realize the Women's World Cup Exists, Did You?

Here's a conundrum:

MLS does not make DC United jerseys for women. If I want a Ben Olsen jersey, I'd better be ready to look like I'm swimming through both the red and black sea, which isn't very American.

Also, the U.S. Women's National Team is badass.

Well, wait just a sec. To be fair, the prize thus far for badassery in this cup goes to Kim Jong's 11. It's not every team that can be shoved unfairly into the most difficult group of the Cup, unseat the dominating world champions, and still dazzle the world with their athletic prowess. But somehow I have a feeling that wearing a North Korea jersey isn't going to sit well at games.

Anyhoo, the USWNT: badass. Who could have guessed Kristine Lilly would overshadow Mia Hamm as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport (including men). Plus, the USWNT away jersey is solid gold soul and made in sizes and shapes appropriate for women. But I cannot get a Ben Olsen jersey if I get the USWNT jersey.

Or can I?

What if I got the USWNT jersey, but put Ben Olsen's name and number on the back? That's better than getting a Democtratic People's Happyland We Swear We Voted For Him and Did We Also Mention That We're A Republic of Korea jersey, right?


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