Friday, December 21, 2007

Father Knows Best-ish

Let's play judging other peoples! Cloaked in the (relative) anonymity of the internet, we can shed the shackles of our own faults and throw stones all over this glass house. You don't even have to be on the internet to do it- just be a female on 18th Street in Adams Morgan on a Saturday night, with actual clothes on, and enjoy the lovely view as you gaze down your nose in disdain.

However, some cases get a little tricky. Consider the father (an elementary school teacher) who auctioned his son's Christmas pressie when he caught the tyke smoking pot.1. Was the punishment too severe? Let's all agree that the kid who got caught smoking pot should be punished, since he needs to learn how to be way slicker about hiding his Stoney McStoopidface. As for the severity of the punishment, that depends on one crucial factor- did Dad confiscate the pot? Uh-huh, I see. And where is that pot now? No one knows? Hmmmm. Has Dad started adding Visine, breath mints, and Cap'n Crunch to the grocery list? Really?

So, what's Dad gonna use the auction money for?

1.I know, it is shocking that a teenage boy who is into guitars and Wii would be smoking pot. Back to judging.


Blogger dara said...

If the dad made $9100 by selling a $90 game, it was a good deal. Plus, it's not like the kid needs the game -- if he's smoking pot, all he needs is a couch, a tv, and a snack.

4:18 PM  

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