Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Wonder If It Will Snow Tonight

The peoples in my office have essentially stopped working, because the current weather is far too distracting to focus on blood diseases. A bow echo came over the region and in a matter of minutes, the sky turned from hazy summer grey to inky black and Valkyries swooped down M Street. We held our breaths as sheet rain threatened to knock the construction workers across the street off their steel girders. The tower at Dulles Airport has been evacuated, a "trained weather spotter reported a funnel cloud near Middleburg, VA" (where I was this morning...) and frightened school children are calling in to moms here to say that the school bus almost blew over or that they have to stay at school. How can we be expected to concentrate under such conditions? My main priority in life right now is to find out how one becomes a trained weather spotter.

Evidently, the Object is having the same problem; it's mighty difficult to concentrate on climate change when it's playing an extremely active role right outside your window. He just called to report that he has decided not to bike home and also update me on the state of the climate bill currently in the Senate. The Republicans are mad at Babs Boxer (D-Ahhhnoldia) for the speed of judicial appointments, and they have decided to punish the Democrats by forcing the Senate clerk to read the entire climate bill out loud. So Joe Lieberman (D-Booooooor-ing) and Babs Boxer keep interrupting with motions to stop reading the entire climate bill out loud, which I would imagine only exacerbates the problem. As all this is going on, Mother Nature made a motion of her own to stop delaying the climate bill by sending out a few funnel clouds. Announcements of the tornadoes keep interrupting the interrupting of the reading of the climate change bill, which has to put a pretty nice punctuation on that whole climate change discussion.

Also, you may have noticed that Barack Obama is giving a rally tonight at the Nissan Pavilion. It's starting to seem that Mother Nature wants to punish people who should know better than to host events at Nissan Pavilion - doesn't it seem like we just went through all of this a few weeks ago? I wonder if Barack will dedicate a speech to those who can't make it through the weather.


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your fans in inja are dissapointed with the lack of frequent posts. Understandably you have more important stuff to do like save the world but help us out too!!

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