Friday, January 21, 2011

I Hope I Get a Sunburn

Finally, the day is here: Portlandia premieres tonight! And just in time, since it's starting to get a little too real:


The biggest obstacle to bicycle-rights advocacy is militant bikers; I see carbon copies of these guys on the way to work in the morning. They raise all kinds of conundrums for the modern urban woman. For example, will the misuse of the bicycle whistle diminish the effectiveness of the rape whistle?

And why, as a culture, do we get apoplectic when Toyotas lack proper brakes, but we glorify fixies, which have pretty much the same issue going for them? If you think about it, a fixie isn't that far removed from my brother's first car, a 1982 Dodge Colt with most of the seats and engine parts removed. The intent was to maximize the engine sound and surface area for making out with the ladies, but not unlike most bicycle douchebaggery, just ended up having the opposite effect.


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