Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We're experiencing my all-time favorite weather phenomenon here in our nation's capital:


Weathermen fall to their knees for THUNDERSNOW!
More powerful than a monster truck tearing through the halls of Congress, THUNDERSNOW! wreaks its wrath through the streets of DC, leaving only a trail of white flakes of death in its wake. And awesome radar images:
The federal government is no match for THUNDERSNOW! It crumples under the mighty power of THUNDERSNOW!, discharging federal employees two hours early so they can flee like rats scattering from the sinking cargohold that is the Capital Beltway. Meanwhile, Tea Party bloggers warm up their Gateways to excoriate Congress for crossing the aisles at last night's State of the Union address, claiming THUNDERSNOW! as divine retribution. It's probably true. Check out this behind-the-scenes view of Mt. Olympus during last night's speech:

And, in case you "scientists" need more empirical proof of the awesome majesty of THUNDERSNOW!, check out THUNDERSNOW! from space: Oh, the snowmanity!


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