Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Are Ligers Next?

The most disturbing part of Bush's State of the Union speech last night were his anti-human-animal hybrid comments. Who will represent Ariel or the Teen Werewolf in government, if not our great democracy? Furthermore, human-animal hybrids have long been used to protect our nation from grave threats of terrorism, including Optimus Prime, Shredder and Krang and, perhaps the greatest threat to our nation, Mumm-Ra and his mutants???

I am calling for a 9/11 style non-partisan commission to investigate the the full impact of manimals in society. Let's have all the facts before we judge. Manimals representing the Democrats will include Cheetara, McGruff The Crime Dog and Hillary Clinton, while representing the Republicans will be Skeletor, Rudy Giuliani and Smokey the Bear.


Anonymous GQ said...

I formally request a list of the Thundercats and their respective political parties please.

1:59 PM  

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