Monday, January 30, 2006

Hooray for Growing Up!

Last Friday, we celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart.

What? You didn't bake a cake? You find it odd that one would? You find it strange that when I was in eighth grade, I had and imaginary boyfriend, Tom Mozart? And that I was in a twisted love triangle with my other imaginary boyfriend, Vladimir?

It's hard being surrounded by Philistines.

In any case, I made good on a promise I made in eighth grade, that wherever I was in the world, on Mozart's 250th birthday, I would call my old music teacher, Karen Wilberg, who was influential in my life in that kumbayah-I-wouldn't-be-here-without-her way. It was so good to hear her voice and tell her I'm all grown-up and doing just peachy. It's just so cliche, but it's a feeling warmer and fuzzier than a one day-old duckling. In fact, I dedicate today as Karen Wilberg Day in Poofygooland. To celebrate I recommend that everyone call someone up who made a great big impact on their lives and let them know how much they meant to you. I promise, it'll be more rewarding than sitting at home, watching Mr. Holland's Opus. Unless you're kinda fucked up, in which case, you should probably just stay in bed, listening to Laura Veirs.


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