Monday, April 10, 2006


You know what I wish? I wish I could come up with great ideas the same way the Bush administration does. Best idea ever: Bomb Iran.

Sheer genius. Where do they come up with this stuff? I guess it does seem like the next logical step. The war in Iraq is going so well; I think they've really shown that they know what they're doing with this democracy building stuff. I have to admit that I was skeptical in the beginning. The quality of life in that fledgling democracy really seems to be soaring upward 1.

Even more importantly, we've learned that you can just make up reasons to go to war with people. This means if they can do it, so can I, which is carte blanche for mischief. Fuck yeah!

And now that we've set everything right with Iraq, I think it's a great idea to bomb Iran. Sheer fucking genius. Who says Kennedy had the best and the brightest? I think we have evidence of it right here, right now.

1. C'mon, any sentence that starts, as does this one from the Washington Post, with "Today, despite the killings of 25 firefighters by Sunni Arab and Shiite Muslim extremists, the murders of his driver and bodyguard, and the fact that his children must be escorted to school by armed security personnel..." has GOT to be followed by good news.


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