Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finally, Someone Thought Of The Children

June is National Safety Awareness Month, which should relieve children at day camp everywhere.

See, when one "fluffs"(my favorite euphemism for passing gas), a person nearby subjected to the harmful fumes can declare Doorknob. Under this policy, until the fluffer touches a doorknob, he can be punched by the Doorknob declarer. This is especially torturous at summer camp, as there are very naturally occuring doorknobs.

However, one can avoid the barrage of hurt by preemptively declaring Safety. I would assume that since June is Safety Awareness Month, kids are free from noogie harm for the whole month. Yes, a whole month in which a child never has to suffer for his flatulence. Isn't this a lot more useful than Math Month?


Anonymous Gabe said...

Nice! The guys used to play this on the ship. However, as the spaces were so small, we eventually adopted a 5 saftey rule in which the offender must both say in a normal voice "Saftey" five times and touch a doornob. Until both acts are completed the offender is vulnerable to attacks. (Really sad, I know)

10:35 AM  

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