Friday, June 02, 2006

The Goo Report: The Time is a Wastin'

Greetings from Crunch-timeland! With one more or less one week untill the LSAT, we're bringing you a very special edition of the Goo Report... a teaser edition to whet your appetite for the return of Poofygoo! We promise, as soon as the g.d. test is done, Poofygoo will be back up and running, and better than before- get stoked!

This week's Goo Report is dedicated to the hottest woman in all of climbing, Dynoness, who celebrated her birthday this week. Fuck yeah! In honor of her birthday, I bring you the Muppet Babies theme song, recreating the first time we met, got bombed, and sang theme shows from saturday morning cartoons. Best foundation for a friendship EVER!

Got meat? Then no house for you! Another reason why India rocks.

The Catholic Church has been having trouble with email blockers.

It turns out Jesus was a really narly dude who got totally stoked about a rad wave.

Via Pygmalion in a Blanket, a fantastic story about "Church and State" on the DC metro.

Also via Pygmalion in a Blanket, the most fun word game I've seen in a while. It's certainly better than the picnic game.

As long as we're talking about neologisms, check out one of my favorite sites, word spy, for the latest in new words. Secretly, I wish they would credit me sometimes... Scourge of the Swimming Pool informs me that last night he heard some independent third party refer to her dinner companion as "Laughy McLaugherson". Seriously, I need to trademark this stuff.

Have we talked about this before? I HATE those ubiquitous white iPod headphones, not only because they don't fit, but their ostentatiousness just screams, "MUG ME!!!" As it turns out, I'm right.

Are you rockin the face? You're just SO not OG.

OK, this is the last Goo Report for another few weeks (again, I know), cuz next week will be crunchign for the LSATs, and the next week after that, I'll be doing this:


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