Friday, September 08, 2006

Who Knew?

The Object and I saw An Inconvenient Truth last night with Don.

Check it.

Did you know global warming is bad? I mean, it's like you know Hitler is bad. People who think Hitler was good are generally ostracized in modern society (hence the recent downfall of Melvin Gibstein). But then you go see Night and Fog, and you realize, whoa, that's really, really fucked up (it was the impetus for my interning at the Holocaust Museum after college, despite the fact that I was a U.S. history major).

Same thing with An Inconvenient Truth. The Object and Don- both professional tree huggers- figured they knew what there was to know about GW, but a good PowerPoint impresses everyone.

What really got me was the homeless polar bear, left to evolve very quickly into some kind of aquatic bear. While aquatic bears would be waaaaaay cool (even cooler than the armoured bears in His Dark Materials), it still made me sad, especially since the animated bear looks vaguely like the Christmassy Coca-Cola bear.

While I appreciate that peeps are taking their own initiative, if recent cartoons are indicators, their efforts are probably in vain.

Worse than nuclear winter, however: with the onslaught of GW, we can't enjoy the hilarity of winter related bloopers like this:
See why we need to fight global warming?


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