Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So my inbox happily blooped last night when I received the message from The Decemberists ListServe that they're coming back to town, and the presale starts Jan. 23.

So a few minutes ago, I moseyed on over to the presale-selling site, only to find that they're playing at Strathmore and tickets are


Let that sink in for a sec.

Ok, blood pressure back down. Fine, $40.50; the last concert was amazing; maybe they're touring with a full orchestra or aColin Meloy will play on top of a live whale that will eat the band or, or, or a flock of cranes that they'll shoot one of or SOMETHING.

But NO, all of the other venues listed are "reasonably" priced- e.g., Norfolk, VA= $21. And don't try to tell me some other bullshit about a city costing more, cuz Chicago tickets are $23. And don't try to tell me some other bullshit about seating, cuz the next-highest price is $29.50. Remember when you paid $15 bucks to see them at the Black Cat? Hell, it mighta even been $13!

GARGH! Decemberists, you are making it VERY DIFFICULT to be my favorite band. First I got screwed out of six bucks when I had to by the iTunes live special to replace the stupid Laura Veirs version of "Yankee Bayonet" (I'm still pissed off that Lisa Molinaro didn't record on the album) and now if I want to go see them again, I'm gonna get screwed out of another wad of cash. Please, I cure cancer in developing countries; I don't make heaps of money! Do they think they've suddenly gotten a new fanbase of wealthy profiteers?

Until further notice, I am calling the Decemberists out for DOUCHEBAGGERY.

If anyone needs me, I will be listening to the "On the Bus Mall" and weeping for the Decemberists characters who wouldn't be able to afford the show either.

UPDATE: Ahhh, the Decemberists are back in my good graces. Check this out from Dawn, one of their PR peoples, who got back to me within TWO HOURS to explain the sitch:

I'm really sorry about your frustration with the Strathmore ticket prices. The band, their agent & I debated on the best venue for the DC market for quite a while. Our only real choices were the Strathmore, multiple nights at the 9:30 (which we couldn't fit into the time alloted to this tour) or making the leap to a much larger venue (which we were concerned about selling enough tickets to fill). After much debate, we decided to go to the Strathmore, a venue which requires higher ticket prices due to room rental fees. The only other option was to skip DC altogether which we didn't want to do since the city has, as you point out, been so supportive of the Decemberists. If you wait until after the pre-sale you can purchase tickets directly from the 9:30 Club box office or from www.strathmore.org to avoid the service fees.

OK, I'm buying my ticket now.


Blogger Karinanne said...

FYI. This is HI-LARIOUS. Gabe and I both laughed out loud. Of course I was reading it out loud, which made it even funnier.

8:36 PM  

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