Thursday, January 18, 2007

SnewWatch '07 and a Spoiler

SO CLOSE, but what fell down from yonder sky tonight was not snow that blanketed our nation's capital with a layer of what appears to be snot. But this does give us hope that the little white flakes o' death will soon be on their way!

By the way, I just got back from seeing the FREE SCREENING (oh yes, my ticket-winning abilities are unparalleled) of God Grew Tired of Us. I came away with two things from this movie:

1. The woman next to me in this movie must never, ever attend a film in public again. During every pivotal scene of the movie, she would "Awwwwwww" as though she were part of a live studio audience on a very special Full House. Wanting to scratch out her throat with antenna of my phone really dampened the whole "brotherhood of man" spirit of the movie for me.

2. I have got to stop bitching about my job. So what if I'm not 100% stimulated all the time, and am wholly underappreciated by my boss- at the end of the day I am still curing cancer in developing countries. Yeah, where's that twat to say "awwwww" now, huh?

Don't remind me of this next week when I am bitching about my job again. Thanks!

Highlight of the movie: Well, yeah, John Bul's reunion with his mother after 17 years and the slightly embarrassed look on his face when she started ululating. But the other highlight of the movie was seeing The Lost Boys try and figure out what the fuck to do with foil-wrapped pads of butter when they saw prepackaged food for the first time. Also, smooshing up the Ritz crackers like manioc and then making a soup from it. I never wanted this movie to end. WHy the fuck did The Simple Life with Whatshername and the Ugly One get turned into a t.v. show instead of this?


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Here's your awwwwww.

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