Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So this has been an unexpectedly awesome day:
  • For the first time this week, I woke up without the strong urge to bore holes in my head and chest to drain out the snot
  • Remembered it's not 75 degrees anymore and put on my fleece pants and was warm and toasty all the way to work
  • Got the last seat on the bus
  • That eye candy guy who I see every few weeks on the bus got off at my stop and held the door for everyone getting off the back of the bus
  • Despite the fact that I feel heaps better, my boss still sent me back home
  • The spicy corn chowder I made last night tastes even better today
  • And then I read this, which is so funny I almost peeped in underpants
So that brings us to the present. I'm actually kinda bored and antsy to be back at work, since my review is tomorrow and I still have heaps to do. And there's really only so much online cribbage and essay writing and editing one can do in a day. And Phil Spector's trial has been postponed again. Why does no one else care about this?


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