Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogging in the Dark


Here at the Goo, we're not so much awake this morning. Oooof. So sleepy. From moving in. With the Object. Awesome, but exhausting.

A few points:
  • You know you have lost a certain innocence when you plunk down over $200 on home organization supplies and wooden hangers, and it's still not enough. No. Wire. Hangers. EVER.
  • Out and about in the suburban wilds yesterday, the Object turned to me and remarked, "Hey, you know how sometimes you think it might be fun to own a house? Well, we could afford these houses here at "Camden Courts". And look at the view! Not only do you get Ikea, but the Verizon store and Fedex/Kinko's." While that is quite a skyline, and our current one is a little boring, whatwith the Capitol and the Washington Monument, yeeeeeeeeeah, I'm pretty sure we're gonna stick with renting.
Ok, that's enough blathery about the moving. I'm too tired to go around the internets and find something fun, so we're just gonna pop this business up that Rababobby sent over. Full disclosure, and proof that I am a bad friend: I haven't actually watched this. I just assume that it'll be interesting, given the sender.


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