Monday, December 22, 2008

I Refuse to Wear Flowers in My Hair

I went on a magic carpet ride around San Francisco. If by magic carpet, you mean walked about 15 miles per day for ten days. I can see where the confusion comes in.

I started out each day with the Breakfast of Champions: burritos and a Tecate in the Mission.
Then I played Follow That Mariachi, because they're not usually the sort of thing I see at 9 in the morning. Maybe they had a secret mariachi hideout serving more burritos and Tecate? Sadly, I lost track of the mariachis when I stopped to ponder if the pigs in the Lucky Pork Market realized their good fate.
I stimulated the economy for a while by strolling up Valencia and buying Festivus presents I didn't even realize I needed. In Aquarius Records, you can find your very own copy of Steen an' Skin, the best disco reggae to come out of the Afro-Cuban scene. Or possibly the only disco reggae I've come across.

House of Caffeine, my ass. This place was a coffee shop:
The houses are endlessly fascinating. The Painted Ladies are smaller than they seem than on Full House. I'm sure I would feel that way about the Olsen twins, too.
Look closely at the house below; the entire facade is trompe l'oeil. The window frames are real, but that's it. The flags, gables, stonework --
--it's all a trick. Foiled by hippies again.


Anonymous Captain Jack said...

Dear Pooftsa:

My chumputer must be boogered cuz neither IE7 or FF3 displays your pictures.

Please forgive me for not being from DC, or relevant.

And, in honor of the season, please go tell it on the mountain.

Happy winter solstice and Xmas and all that happy stuff.

Regards to you and l'objet,


9:27 PM  
Blogger The Goo said...

Hmmm. Evidently, I need to figure out how to use Picasa better. The Object and I got a new camera, which he took to mean we have to completely redefine our picture editing software, and I have no idea what's going on anymore.

12:55 PM  

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