Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We Don't Need Another Reason Not to Have Kids

Dear Mr. Baucus,

I am a brand-new student of public health. In my very first chapter of the textbook, I read the following:

"Demand for costly services is largely determined by the health care provider rather than by the consumers. Competitive market forces have not worked well for those in greatest need."

I just wanted to let you know that on the most basic, public health 101 level, if you don't pass the public option (which is already a total cop out), you will have admitted that you don't care about poor people. In public health school, they also taught us to get over saying "there's no value on a human life. (I know, it took some doing for me to accept that. Talking about money so bluntly seems awfully awkward and offends my white suburban sensibilities. Tacky, no? But alas, it appears to be ineluctable in the public health arena.) But once I did, I also learned that because children have the most potential life, by some measures, their lives are more valuable than yours and mine. So, way to not only screw them over, but also violate economic principles.

As for what to do with those kids, that's no longer your consideration. They get their chance, and when it comes, I think DCeiver offered the best advice:
This school year, wherever you go, whether it's school or your neighborhood or the grocery store or an afterschool activity, I want all of you kids to promise me that whenever you encounter an adult, that you will walk up to them, get their attention, point right at them and simply say to them, "I blame you." Then just walk away.
Love and Snuggles,

The Goo


Blogger arhul said...

I also was troubled by some of the policies implemented by the government on health, would not be healthy and happy is what is natural law in life, so all people are entitled to good health services and this is the responsibility of government to make policies in favor of the people. I come from Indonesia, I want to share experiences on the condition that occurs primarily inIndonesia health services, of the total community of approximately Indonesia approximately 300 million people live information 70 percent below the poverty line, they are very hard to get a decent livelihood, as if they were single life sheltered by the government, this sentence should not be right to say they like it, but because it is an objective reality, rather than concentration pemrintah overcome poverty or provide health services that are cheaper for poor people instead of political elites vying for power without ignoring the interests of the people, so that corruption can not be avoided in this country that harm the state, the political climate of instability in this country affects the character and quality of government leaders so that the main priority is to make efforts to cooperate with local elites or international elites to work together to interference of the policy will be applied, ranging from natural resources management policy in this case mining and energy solely for the benefit of the Arhul

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