Monday, June 26, 2006

According to Study, Girls Rule, Boys Drool

From today's Post:

A study to be released today looking at long-term trends in test scores and academic success argues that widespread reports of U.S. boys being in crisis are greatly overstated and that young males in school are in many ways doing better than ever.

The article goes on to state that while boys are doing better in school, girls are doing a LOT better in school, which may have been the impetus for the "crisis" rhetoric, which seems to derive from inadequate research, sloppy analysis and discomfort with the fact that although the average boy is doing better, the average girl has gotten ahead of him."

So apparently, girls rule, and boys can't seem to handle the fact.

However, according to the Post, "Some of today's focus on boys might be backlash to legal remedies such as the 1972 Title IX law set up to ensure equality in education for girls, critics say." Look, such recidivism isn't going to get anyone very far, as it merely allows one group to advance at the expense of another.

There are still disturbing trends in education, which deal with (this one's going to shock you) disparity in socio-economic levels, i.e. children from historically disadvanteged backgrounds are not progressing as rapidly as their white peers from higher income levels. Huh. I guess that means the U.S. education policy needs to be renamed "No Child Left Behind (except the brown and/or poor ones)".


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