Monday, July 17, 2006


Seriously, it's rough getting a seat on the metro. From a DCist list of things overheard:

Oooooh...Now, THAT'S cold. Metro: Two girls enter the train through different doors, and both head for the last available seat. The girl who gets there first sits down and starts reading her Harry Potter book. Girl who didn't get the seat: "I was going to sit there! You KNEW I was going to sit there! You took my seat!" Girl who got the seat: "Well, that's just the way it goes sometimes." Girl who didn't get the seat: "Yeah?! Well Sirius Black DIES at the end of that book!!"

While I completely empathize with Girl Who Didn't Get the Seat, I feel that such cruel means were totally unnecessary. And Judy Sarnecki, wherever you are, I'm still mad at you for telling me the end of Anna Karenina.


Anonymous Chris Chan said...

That's another reason why you need to do your Harry Potter reading at home or in some other safe place. I am reminded of The Onion's tips for riding public transportation, one of which is: "Your choice of reading material is very important. Reading Harry Potter books on the bus can get you mugged, but no one ***** with a guy reading How to Survive the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse."

3:05 PM  
Blogger rock_ninja said...

If I actually knew how to change the tagline of the blog, I might just make it "No One Fucks with the Guy Reading 'How To Survive the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse'".

10:08 AM  

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