Monday, July 10, 2006


Update on the update: Apparently, Materazzi doesn't know what a terrorist is. An inquiry into the whole sitch will take place, though I find Materazzi's protest thoroughly weak. Weak!

Update: 11 July a.m. the tabloids (which are so much more fun in Europe) are reporting that Materazzi called Zidane a filthy terrorist and then said something about his mother. El Guapo reports on the actual words from lip-readers- I'm skeptical of what was actually said, and I'll wait for Zidane to come forward. Seriously, what kind of fucking moron would call a French Algerian a terrorist? That takes a special kind of stupid.

The World's Best Player, Zinedine Zidane was ejected from the final of the World Cup in the 110th minute. Only one foul thing could have provoked the headbutt from the normally cool and collected Zidane, as this video shows: Materazzi totally gave Zidane a titty twister.

By the way, Italy, how much hair gel do you need when you're playing soccer? Seriously, every time one of their players fell to the ground clutching some body part, the team stylist ran over and poured fancy Italian hair gel on said part, and then, to acheive that rugged, sporty look, just a little extra for the player's hair, ugh.

Here's a great picture of Materazzi crying- apparently he's just learned that someone substituted his regular Armani hair gel with Suave.


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