Monday, December 18, 2006

This Is a Stupid Game

This week is all about waiting. Lame.

Things which I am waiting for this week:

Monday: F.W. Thomas tonight. Am very curious about THIS cartoon, if only because if there are pregnant little pears running around, that means I can ask the question I've been dying to ask: "So, you've got a dingo snack in the bush, huh?" Heh.

Tuesday: My triumphant return to workplace yoga. Yoga IS a competition people, and I WILL BE THE BEST. Ha, last week at physical therapy, the PT said that it was ok to start doing some very gentle yoga and pilates. I asked if that meant running and wearing high heels. She didn't think that was funny. That sad part is, I wasn't joking. I wonder if My FSA lose-it-or-use-it money goes towards the purchasing of flats that my physical therapists said I have to wear. Namely, these.

Wednesday: The battle for the title of Yindie Superstar.

Thursday: A certain SOMEONE who has been living in a so-called "Indian Subcontinent" for a year will come HOME!

Friday: In theory, this should be date night, as The Object has tickets to any AMC theater that expire at the end of the month, and this is our last chance really to cash them in. But I'm worried about date night, as The Object resorted to TRICKERY to win a bet in which the loser would plan the next date night. Ugh, I've tried to write about the whole sordid affair a few times, but words cannot describe this bile-inducing shenanigan. Also, it makes me look really stupid. If he wants to describe it, he can start blogging again.

Saturday: A Very Jersey Christmas. I haven't been this excited about Christmas since last year. Also, did anyone else realize that the Band of Horsies' The First Song is actually a Christmas song? Woohoo!

Back to waiting. I have all of Project Runway Season 2 on my work computer to help bide the time.


Blogger ike said...

Those free AMC passes are a scam. They give them out when their projectionist screws up and then don't play another movie worth seeing for 13 months.

"Want to go see umm... Son of the Mask?"

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Gabe said...

I want to hear this story.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great shoes girl!

10:48 AM  

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