Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wishes DO Come True!

So I lied about my cherry blossom wish, mostly because I thought it would never come true, and if you TELL people your wishes out loud and identify yourself as the wisher, it won't come true. Everyone knows the physics of wishing from countless Disney movies. Plus it's a kind of weird cultural relativism to wish on a Japanese tree to screw the Chinese out of what is technically theirs for the purposes of keeping cuteness immediately on hand.

Oh yes, we're talking about Butterstick, and my wish that he would stay juuuuust a little bit longer. And lest you think I'm overzealous, may I remind you how charming he is?

But my wish has come true; the Stick will probably stay- if not permanently, than at least till he outgrows all of his panda cubby cuteness.

What's that? You'd like another gratuitously cute Stick pic? We're here to serve the needs of the peoples.


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